Audrey (died March 2017) was born in Guyana. For a number of years she worked with Coventry Social Services. In 1980 she was employed by Avon Education as an advice worker in the St. Paul’s area of Bristol in the aftermath of the much-publicised ‘riot’ there.

In the early 80’s Audrey helped, in a voluntary capacity, with the welcome and settlement of a number of Vietnamese asylum seekers in North-West Bristol.

Her brother, Winslow (died Jan. 2004), served on the Science Council of Canada, the Governing Board of the Canadian Council of Churches and was appointed a Member the Order of Canada. Her brother, Fred (died May 2008) was Head of the Department of French at the University of Toronto and Principal of New College at that University (memorial celebration webcast). He lectured extensively on francophone African and Caribbean literature. Her brother Pat was appointed Chair of the Board of Directors of Ontario’s Human Rights Legal Support Centre in 2010 and is past Chair of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, a Commissioner with the Ontario Human Rights Commission and Adjunct Professor at Osgoode Hall Law School. He is a Member of the Order of Canada. Her brother, Neville, is a public health educator and practitioner in Canada and the U.S. specialising in gerontology, sexuality and physical disablement. Audrey also has brothers living in Guyana (Ronald), Trinidad (Wendell), Australia (Roy) and England (Andrew) and two surving sisters (Lyn and Gloria). Her sister Honora (Bay) died in September 2006.